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The generally accepted definition of vintage era baseball cards are ones produced before the year 1970. Recently though some have argued that 70's era cards now qualify as vintage cards. In modern colleting older cards have consistently increased in value. For some acquiring these cards been more than just a hobby but something of an investment. If you have a collection of cards that qualify as vintage we recommend you treat them as valuable.  Even common cards of player most won't recognize have some value. Modern cards have a copyright date to help you determine when it was produced. Older cards that have statistics on the back were usually produced the year after the last set of stats showing the card.

The following web resources have been compiled to help you find more information about vintage cards and collecting.

Old Cardboard - Vintage baseball card reference site.

T206 Museum - Detailed data about this vintage set.

Slanty Couch - List of links related to vintage cards.

Cycleback.com - Judging early card authenticity.




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