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According to a Forbes Magazine article published in 2002 the following list contains 10 examples of some valuable baseball cards in existence today. Keep in mind that the values placed on these cards are based on historical sales prices. Consider that current value is not a set amount but fluid, and based on economic circumstances, as well as the presence of a ready buyer at the time there is a ready seller.

1. 1909 T206 White Border #366
Honus Wagner, 2B Pittsburgh Pirates
$1,500,000 (April, 2005 SMR Price Guide)

This near mint to mint example graded by PSA recently sold  for a reported $2,800,000. Read more about this Most Valuable Baseball Card

2. 1933 Goudey #53
Babe Ruth, OF New York Yankees
$110,000 (April, 2005 SMR Price Guide)

3. 1952 Topps #311
Mickey Mantle, OF New York Yankees
$97,500 (April, 2005 SMR Price Guide

4. 1933 Goudey #106
Nap Lajoie
$92,500 (April, 2005 SMR Price Guide)

5. 1949 Leaf #8
Leroy "Satchel" Paige, P Cleveland Indians
$82,000 (April, 2005 SMR Price Guide)

6. 1914 E145-1 Cracker Jack #103
Joe Jackson, OF Chicago White Sox
$76,000 (April, 2005 SMR Price Guide)

7. 1954 Bowman #66A
Ted Williams, OF Boston Red Sox
$66,000 (April, 2005 SMR Price Guide)

8. 1914 E145-1 Cracker Jack #30
Ty Cobb, OF Detroit Tigers
$60,000 (April, 2005 SMR Price Guide)

9. 1951 Bowman #305
Willie Mays, OF New York/San Francisco Giants
$55,000 (April, 2005 SMR Price Guide)

10. 1938 Goudey Heads Up R323 #274
Joe DiMaggio, OF New York Yankees
$45,000 (April, 2005 SMR Price Guide)

Note: the above prices are base on April, 2005 edition of the SMR price guide for a graded mint condition card.

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