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Many baseball card collectors at one time or another are interested in selling some or sometimes all of their collection. There are numerous examples of baseball cards that have appreciated in value over the last century. Some consider their collections to be an investment and indeed that can very well be true. 

Most Dealers and shops are interested in purchasing baseball cards from singles to entire collections. Dealers will usually offer a percentage (10% - 50%) of the book value depending on the popularity and rarity of the cards. Collectors of course are interested in getting the highest amount for their cards and dealers are looking to purchase cards at a margin that will allow them to sustain their business. Taking this into consideration the collector has a few options. They can look for a dealer willing to purchase their baseball cards and negotiate a price. This is the easiest way to sell baseball cards

A second option is to list your collection in a classified ad in a local news paper or collector resource like a magazine or community bulletin board. The collector may find another collector interested in their cards who is willing to pay more than what a dealer would offer. 

Another alternative is to consign your cards with an auction house. This option is for the collector with high value cards. Auction houses have different fee scales but usually charge a percentage of the final bid price. This is a good option for collections with very high value as better auction houses cultivate relationships with buyers that have means to make large purchases. 

The last alternative is to sell baseball cards online through an online do-it-yourself auction. There are many of these available directly to collectors. To do this you need online access and a scanner or digital camera. This option can be labor intensive especially if the collection is very large.  The fees usually total about 10% - 15% of the sale after all is said and done. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee the auction will close with a buyer. The final values can reach book value, however most of the time auctions close at much less than book unless the player or collection is very popular. 

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