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Baseball card price guides help dealers and collectors gauge the current market values for millions of cards produced over the years. There are several types of guides available and pricing in those resources may vary depending on the market they pull data from. 

First there are guides that are published as monthly periodicals. Two examples are Beckett Sports Card Monthly and Tuff Stuff Sports Collectors Monthly. Each of these guides are designed to focus on the current market for recently issued cards and hot cards of current players or recently retired players. Another monthly publication that focuses on the graded card market is published by Professional Sports Authenticators (PSA) titled, the Sports Market Report. This guide focuses exclusively on graded cards and includes more vintage prices than modern issues.

Price Guide Subscriptions

Second there are bi-monthly and quarterly guides. These guides are usually more focused and have more extensive information revolving around the publications' particular focus. Beckett Baseball Card Plus has information about current players cards in the modern market and some limited pricing for vintage cards. Beckett also publishes a bi-monthly "Graded Card Investor" guide that focuses on the graded card market. 

The next step in price guides are the annual publications. These guides are usually sport specific and have extensive pricing for all cards in each set produced. Both Tuff Stuff and Beckett produce annual guides for specific sports. They offer pricing for millions of cards and are rather large publications. They are good for collectors with large collections. 

Annual Price Guide Publications

Finally many collectors as well as interested persons are looking on-line for free information about the price or value of a collection or specific card. For the most part it takes a great deal of time and effort to build and maintain an accurate price guide database. So they usually require a subscription or a fee of some kind. 

Beckett has an online price guide that allows access to their entire database. The fee can be a one time payment for a limited time or a monthly subscription. Tuff Stuff also has extensive online information available free to those who subscribe to their periodicals.

There is a way to glean information about the market value of a card you may have without having to pay a fee. Search the sports card websites for the card you are looking for and see what the retailers are asking for the card. 

Go to www.googlebase.com and type in the copyright year, manufacturer or brand, and player name. There is a good possibility the card you are looking for can be found through this resource. 

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