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Hot Baseball Players 

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Top 12 Hot Players for February 2010


1. Tim Lincecum

Now a two time Cy Young award winner. He wins games and he strikes out batters. You can't go wrong collecting cards of this elite pitcher.

2. Zach Greinke

Currently the reigning AL Cy Young winner. His rookie cards are a good buy. His autograph cards are good investments.

3. Albert Pujols

His autograph cards are out of this world in terms of price. If you find one for under $100 you got a deal. His rookie cards have dropped in price over last few years making them a good buy.

4. Ichiro

Now a sure Hall of Famer and will likley be the first Japaneese player to attain that distinction. He is collected internationally and demand remains high for his cards.

5. Joe Mauer

Joe Mauer has developed into one of the best catchers in the game. His cards are getting harder and harder to find for a decent price as he becomes more and more popular. 

6. Ryan Braun

Heavy hitter in Milwalkee. We expect to see this player on the most collectable list for years to come.

7. Felix Hernandex

This guy is a respectable Cy Young candidate. His cards have been undervalued the last few years as Seattle's been putting up sub-par play. 

8. Chase Utley

Chase puts up great numbers every year. His rookie card is more rare as only one was produced in 2001.

9. Derek Jeter

A perennial favorite of the NYC market. Jeter cards hold their value well and appreciate over time.

10. Chipper Jones

His autograph cards are still out of this world in terms of price. If you find one for under $80 you got a deal. His rookie cards are a good buy.

11. Ken Griffey Jr.

Several years of sub-par play have depressed Griffey's cards and autographs. But now that he has attained 600 career home runs he is a sure bet for the hall of fame.

12. Alex Rodriguez

This guy has a hot bat and is the youngest player to reach 500 home runs. Playing in New York just adds to his value.






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