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The recent sales price of 2.8 million dollars has established a Near Mint to Mint example of the very rare Honus Wagner T206 as the sports card hobby's most valuable card. The T206 set was originally produced from 1909 to 1911 and inserted in cigarette packs. The Honus Wagner card is thought to only have 50-100 cards in existence. There are many theories as to why there were only a few examples released. The most widely held belief is that Wagner did not want his image used to promote the sale of tobacco and the company pulled his card from production. But a few cards still made it out to the public. 

The above photo is of the actual card that sold for 2.8 million dollars which was graded by professional Sports Authenticators (PSA) as NM-MT 8 on a scale of 10. The card is considered to be the best known example in existence. 

The following is the known history about this card.

1985 - the card sold to Bill Mastro, by Allen Ray a New York collector, for $25,000.

1991 - Wayne Gretzky and Bill McNall aquire the card at a Sotheby auction for $451,000.

1994 - Gretzky sells the card to Trent Entertainment and Wal Mart purchases the card for $500,000 and uses it in a promotion.

1996 - Michael Gidwitz purchases the card through a consignment auction from the Wal Mart Prize winner for $640,000.

2000 - Brian Seigel purchases the card for $1,265,000.

2007 - Seigel sells the card to a private collector and minority investor for $2,350,000.

2007 - Sotheby's Brokers a private sale for $2,800,000.


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