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Opening packs and boxes looking for rare and valuable cards is appealing and fun for collectors. Memorabilia cards with pieces of the game such as game worn jersey's, pieces of game bats, or other game equipment are attractive, rare and can be very valuable. In recent years manufacturers have been creating very nice looking premium cards that display pieces of the game from current and former players. 

Travis Hafner game jersey patches from the
2008 Upper Deck Premier set

Some of the more valuable game used cards are of Hall of Fame players such as Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, and Lou Gehrig. There are several factors that make these cards attractive for the collector who wants to invest in these cards. The game material is certified by the manufacturer as authentic. This takes some of the concern out of authenticating the card. Several of the grading companies such as Beckett and PSA offer authentication services for these cards as well. 

Babe Ruth game used bat card from the
2003 Topps Tribute set

There is a limited number of game used equipment available for hall of fame players. This fact leads to the notion that there will come a day when production of cards for these players will cease. As cards are distributed and the number available for new collectors diminishes values are projected to increase. This makes these cards excellent potential investments.

Mickey Mantle game used bat card from
2006 Bowman Sterling

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