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Buying Baseball Cards 

There are many avenues available for new and seasoned baseball card collectors to find and trade or purchase cards for their collection. Having many choices provides today's collectors with a certain amount of convenience depending on individual preferences. 

The traditional local hobby shop provides collectors with personal face to face service along with expert advice provided by employees and owners. While prices may be a little higher than other avenues there is a comfort in knowing who you are dealing with. Returns can be more convenient as well. To find your local shop check the yellow pages for your area. 

Another opportunity available to collectors are local card shows. Usually shows are advertised in local papers and collector magazines like Beckett and Tuff Stuff. Shows offer options from many resources like show dealers and other local collectors who purchase tables to sell and trade their inventory. 

There are also larger regional trade shows and every year there is the National Sports Collectors convention held in a major city. For the year 2008 this convention will be in Chicago July 30th - August 3rd. This huge event touts hundreds of dealers. For more information about this huge event visit www.nsccshow.com

There are also options for collectors to search online. below are the best online resources to search for cards online.






These resources are great for searching and getting a look at the cards you are considering. They provide helpful information about the cards they offer. 


Baseball Cards

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Rookie Baseball Cards graded by PSA.

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