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Baseball Card Brands and Manufacturers 

Various companies have produced baseball cards over the last century. Initially cards were created as a promotion for a brand or product such as sporting goods or tobacco. 

Latest news - Topps is the only card producer to get a license to produce cards for active players starting in 2010.

Current Brand Manufacturers - two companies have licenses with MLB to produce cards of active players.

Topps - produces the following brands: Bazooka, Bowman, Stadium Club, Topps

Upper Deck - produces the following brands: Fleer, Upper Deck

Historical Brands - Modern Era

Donruss - Lost MLB license in 2006

Fleer - Brand purchased by Upper Deck after bankruptcy

Leaf - produced by Donruss

Pacific - 

Pinnacle - 

Score - Became Pinnacle

Stadium Club - Brand purchased by Topps

Vintage Era Baseball Card Brands





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