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A concern for most collectors of autographs is authenticity. With recent news stories about how the autograph market may be full of forgeries and scams how can collectors protect themselves from fraud? This article will approach a best practices approach for a collector to use to avoid being taken. 

First, use a third party company for autograph authentication. But consider the source. Unfortunately not all authenticators make the right assessment for one reason (experience maybe) or another.  Noted companies Professional Sports Authenticators (PSA/DNA) and Beckett Grading Services (BGS) are widely recognized throughout the industry. They have experienced staffs and guarantee their services. This is one of the safest ways to insure you have an authentic autograph. 

Second, for modern autograph collectors consider only purchasing manufacturer certified autograph cards and memorabilia. These usually have a hologram from the manufacturer and along with a guarantee. These manufactures contract with the players and obtain the proper licenses to produce the cards. While it is possible to produce fake copies of these cards it is much more difficult and at this point rare. For high value cards it is still advisable to have them authenticated by PSA/DNA or BGS.


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Derek Jeter Rookie graded mint by PSA.

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